Statement of Creative Intent:

For this project I chose to map out different sounds I encounter in San Marcos, Texas. I went to different locations, recorded a sound and documented the location with a photograph. Giving location identification through sound is intriguing to me. Many sounds I recorded and mapped out are ambient noises that are easy to tune out and become accustomed to. For example, trains are constantly passing through San Marcos and after living here for a couple of years my ears have become less sensitive to the rattling sound off one passing through. My intent for mapping San Marcos audibly was to draw the viewer’s attention to sound and initiate a feeling of connection to those that have a relationship with the city.

Map image


In order to see the complete piece you will need to click on the Mapping Project PDF below, download the file, save the document to your desktop and then open with Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Mapping Project



What is Contemporary Art Actually Mapping?

Contemporary art brings a new perspective to mapping. Technology and creativity have allowed us to interpret geographical space differently. Contemporary artists use mapping to represent space according to their personal experience. This article helped to expand my ideas of mapping and I feel more equipped for the upcoming project after reading it.

Geography as Art – Nato Thompson

“Experimental Geography should be considered as a new lens to interpret a growing body of culturally inspired work that deals with human interaction with the land.”

This article was lengthy and daunting at first but when I started to get into it the ideas fascinated me. It provides so many artists that have explored the realm of geography as art and art as geography and topics that every person should inquire about in their lifetime.

“We make the world and, in turn, the world makes us.”

This quote embodies experimental geography and the process of exploring and understanding the world we create and live in. After reading this article I have reconsidered many elements that I interact with on a day-to-day basis. It is interesting to contemplate “a sidewalk having a plan” because it is drawing your attention towards certain spaces and averting your eyes from the unpaved areas. To think about sidewalks existing only for “non-loitering movement” is perplexing and evident at the same time.



  1. This is a very unique piece unlike anyone else’s in the class! Mapping sound was a possibility I hadn’t even thought of. I particularly enjoyed the outdoor sounds and would have liked to see even more of them on your map, but I like the way you threw in a few people sounds as well.


  2. When you talked about yours in the group discussion i really liked it! you never really thing about sound as being a map! i really like the sounds you choose and i thought you did a really good job presenting it! I like the pictures you took to show the sound as well. Overall i loved your project.


  3. I think your concept was very unique, the way that it is interactive is awesome. The fact that you used an actual recorder was a nice touch because of the clearness of the sounds along with the fact that you took your own photos to accompany the sounds on the map. Nice job!


  4. We are always surrounded by sound and we don’t always pick up on the same sounds as the people around us. I like this project because its an audio window of the sounds that surround your life. Well done.


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