Art Exhibition


The ELEMENTAL Exhibit is a display of sculptural works that utilize the different elements of our environment: water, earth, fire and air. Four artists were chosen to represent the four elements of the world. Each artist I chose draws their inspiration from the environment. I intend for people to feel a connection to nature when walking through the exhibit and analyzing the works.

** W A T E R **

William Pye is a sculptor from London who studied at the Wimbledon School of Art. Known for his unique water sculptures; by the age of seventeen he made his first waterfall. Pye draws his inspiration from the organic and is interested in harnessing unpredictable elements.

** E A R T H **

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and land artist who draws his inspiration form working in and with materials found in nature. He appreciates not having complete control over his work. Goldsworthy uses photography to document his works; process and decay are both integral to the artistic quality of most of his sculptures.

** F I R E **

Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor that creates large-scale environmental work. He has been experimenting with glassblowing since 1965 and attended the University of Wisconsin with a full scholarship. He is no longer physically able to create works and now choreographs his projects.

** A I R **

Anthony Howe is an American kinetic sculptor who creates wind-powered sculptures that create intriguing movement. He uses computers to aid in the design of his projects, shapes the metal components with a plasma cutter, and completes his works using traditional metalworking techniques.

Gallery & Exhibit:

Front View- SGPond View-SGAir- SGWater-SG Fire-SGSide View-SG

Artist’s Work:

william pye


William Pye



Andy Goldsworthy


“Summer Sun”

Dale Chihuly


“In Cloud Light”

Anthony Howe

Here is the PDF link to my ELEMENTAL Exhibit


One comment

  1. I really loved your Gallery. It felt so peaceful just from the screen! I could really see this in a busy city or something, and people walking in and out of it to ease their mind. The artist you choose were perfect too. They pieces all go together so well! my favorite part is the bridge in the middle, where you can rotate and look at all the art pieces. This is a beautiful gallery!


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